Qué significa "produce grape" en español


"produce grape" en español

produce grape
  • producir uva

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But not all growers produce grapes for icewine, so now the festival is showcasing a variety of the province's offerings.
It was now becoming sustainable economically long-term for growers to produce grapes in that way, he said.
It was a vintage that produced grapes with perfect health, no sign of mildew, botrytis or subpar grapes.
Nashik is already known for producing grapes and onions at large.
These conditions conspired to produce grapes -- across the board -- that were rich, high in alcohol, acids and tannins.
These vines will not start producing grapes for another year or two.
Experimental crops had produced grapes with thicker skin and enhanced colour, and being able to "lift" maturity caught plenty of attention.
Rangaka started working on the farm, which at that time wasn't making wine, it was instead producing grapes to sell to corporates.

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