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"professional gardeners" en español

professional gardeners
  • jardineros profesionales

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Dickinson is the number-one seed among professional gardeners and here is why.
Presently, hundreds of staffers, including professional gardeners are busy designing and levelling the garden under the supervision of floriculture department officials.
Professional gardeners, volunteers and clients were melded together in gardening teams and, within a matter of three months, they had around 50 regular, supportive customers.
There's a wide range of machinery, from homeowner right up to professional level machines used by groundsmen, landscapers, arboriculturists, and professional gardeners.
Now, lets not be so harsh on ourselves, even professional gardeners find a dying plant in their garden.
It is also likely to appeal to those professional gardeners who deal with a lot of timber and need something meatier than a garden shredder.
The idea of establishing a facility to train professional gardeners had actually been suggested many years before.
Some 15 professional gardeners are currently employed by her full time, and she hopes all will be kept on.

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