Qué significa "profound grief" en español


"profound grief" en español

profound grief
  • profundo dolor
  • dolor profundo

Ejemplos de uso para "profound grief" en inglés

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The cards on the bouquets voiced anger, shock, and profound grief.
The students were in a state of complete shock and profound grief.
Vladimir was born into this atmosphere of hunger, disability, and profound grief.
Both families are deeply shocked and devastated by this tragic news, and they ask for privacy and space at this time of profound grief.
But what will stick with me is its defense of choosing life in the face of profound grief.
The verses stayed with him when he became fatherless, and in the midst of profound grief, sparked something new.
I can not tell you the emotion and the profound grief that overempowered us.
The gestures they choose are effective, cutting straight to the heart of the profound grief that unites them.
We shall with them their profound grief and sense of loss.
We share with them their profound grief and sense of loss.

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