Qué significa "profoundly grateful" en español


"profoundly grateful" en español

profoundly grateful
  • profundamente agradecido

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Batsmen the world over are profoundly grateful.
It is an inspiring story which has captured the imagination of our many supporters who have helped us achieve our aspirations and to whom we are profoundly grateful.
They see the son and brother they love and for whose life they are profoundly grateful.
It's a wonderful tribute to them and one which we are profoundly grateful for.
We are profoundly grateful for the heartfelt condolence from friends around the world he said.
We are profoundly grateful for the valiant service he offered to the very end of his life.
And we are all profoundly grateful for his commitment.
But most of all it makes us all profoundly grateful for the professional expertise and courage of our firefighters and the other emergency services.
We are all profoundly grateful for the miraculous escape of yourself, your husband and so many of your trusted colleagues and helpers.
For which those of us lucky enough to witness his performance can be profoundly grateful.

Ejemplos de uso para "profoundly grateful" en español

EnglishWe are profoundly grateful to these brothers and sisters, as we are to all
A estos hermanos estamos profundamente agradecidos, como a todos los
EnglishThis is why I am profoundly grateful to Mr Crowley, Mrs Gill, Commissioner McCreevy and the Commission for all of this work.
Por este motivo, estoy profundamente agradecido al señor Crowley, la señora Gill, el Comisario McCreevy y a la Comisión por todo su trabajo.
EnglishMrs Sauquillo Pérez Del Arco, I am profoundly grateful to you for having raised this issue, thereby giving me the opportunity to provide Members with vitally important information.
Señora Sauquillo, le quedo infinitamente agradecida por haber planteado esta cuestión y darme así la oportunidad de facilitar una información capital a nuestros colegas.
EnglishI believe that everyone here in this House is aware of the important part played by the European Parliament in driving this process forward, for which I am profoundly grateful.
Creo que todos los miembros de esta Cámara son conscientes de la importancia del papel del Parlamento Europeo de cara a impulsar este proceso, por lo que estoy profundamente agradecido.

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