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"proper grammar" en español

proper grammar
  • gramática adecuada

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I love how northerners love to criticize the grammar of everyone else and yet can neither spell nor use proper grammar.
Sir the least you could do is be professional and read what you wrote and actually use proper grammar!
To celebrate today, try your best to use proper grammar.
Yes, we know better than to think anyone is smart simply because they speak well and use proper grammar.
But please use proper grammar when referring to the stumps.
All the signs are designed with beautiful typography and written in full sentences with proper grammar.
Think of "writing experience" as the ability to write concisely, persuasively, and with proper grammar.
He always did his homework, raised his hand to answer the teacher's questions, and used proper grammar.
To her fell the awesome responsibility of ensuring magazines used proper grammar and, more importantly, had the facts straight.

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