Qué significa "proper guidance" en español


"proper guidance" en español

proper guidance
  • orientación adecuada

Ejemplos de uso para "proper guidance" en inglés

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If you go near these creatures without proper guidance, then it is fair to say that you will get eaten.
Without proper guidance, agencies and brands will continue to invest in technology that doesn't deliver.
But this must be carried out carefully with proper guidance.
However, the best results can be achieved with proper guidance.
All the teachers and staff members are very supportive and give us proper guidance.
He said the times were such that proper guidance was not available for children, whatever their financial background, owing to various factors.
He added that these young individuals need proper guidance to be useful citizens of the society.
Companies are lacking information and proper guidance as to energy system and what kind of automation system will suit their business needs the most.

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