Qué significa "prosperity gospel" en español


"prosperity gospel" en español

prosperity gospel
  • Evangelio de la prosperidad
  • evangelio de prosperidad

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In virtually every area -- bad theology, superficial worship, ego, prosperity gospel, personality elevation.
It's not the "prosperity gospel" of some evangelical churches, where spiritual and economic prosperity are closely connected.
The "prosperity gospel" that has developed in recent years is a classic example.
Their prosperous ministries are part of a movement known as the "prosperity gospel".
When we are awoken, at that time, prayers, salvation and hard work with productivity will replace the get-rich-quick, prosperity gospel, hypnotism and indolence.
Are not churches captured by money through the prosperity gospel?
Resist the temptation to dwell on the prosperity gospel, and the message of instant miracles without hard work and persistence.
It seems that the prosperity gospel is here to stay.
Just as capitalism is predicated on limitless growth, regardless of resources, the prosperity gospel is predicated on the limitless bounty of heaven.
Prosperity gospel is a ponzi scheme and a colossal fraud.

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