Qué significa "protesters gathered" en español


"protesters gathered" en español

protesters gathered
  • manifestantes se reunieron

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But 10 minutes after the race begun, protesters gathered at the venue and urged politicians to leave.
Protesters gathered at the port and followed the slow-moving convoy over the last two nights.
Protesters gathered at the site yesterday to call for an end to the live export trade.
He said police had been asked to attend when a group of protesters gathered outside.
Thousands of protesters gathered outside parliament in the capital where public transport ground to a halt.
A core group of protesters gathered in the freezing rain to demonstrate with signs and chants.
The construction site - the beach - was fenced off but 60 protesters gathered.
Outside the courthouse, a crowd of protesters gathered as they waited for word on the judge's decision.
Protesters gathered near a subway station west of the stadium.
About 60 protesters gathered outside the science centre during the prime minister's visit, but tight security kept them at bay.

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